Information site



Dear Cabin Crew, Welcome Aboard. 

 Asalam-o-Alaikum !! I Anwar Awan take honor in presenting to you the first ever information website specially dedicated to all the PIA CABIN CREW MEMBERS. This site is an individual effort brought about to facilitate the cabin crew fraternity with an INFORMATION HUB capable of providing information on almost anything and everything taking place within the fraternity. Hopefully this site would prove to be a single stop station for all you information needs.

The basic idea behind this site is to bring the cabin crew family closer. We can never be Good fellow colleagues if we lack luster growth. We all have responsibilities towards one another which we need to fulfill. We need to watch out for each other, be with one another through thick and thin and help each other to be able to grow into a stronger family but for that first we need to know each other, our problems (to be able to help come up with solutions), our sorrows (to be able to console), our joy (to be able to celebrate together). We can build this bond by just being in touch and Sharing with each other, after all SHEARING IS CARING.

This site provides you with an exact platform to keep in touch, be informed and stay connected.   All you need to do is to LOGON and surf through the latest happenings, a place where you can get and provide information.  On this site we ourselves are the source to all the information so if you have any news that you want to share, Post it on the site for everyone to know and help us grow. The information can ranges from all the latest happenings, events ,mishaps, fortunate or unfortunate incidences, birthday alerts, death announcements, occasion calls, property sale and purchase offers, property for rent, even something as simple as sharing information about someone being just SICK, anything you think is worth shearing is an eligible content for the site.

I would also like to request all the members for submitting their suggestions, remarks and ideas on the guest book to help us improve the site. Any thing constructive would be highly appreciated.

Thanking You


Anwar Awan